Workplace Violence Occurring At Alarming Rate: Time For Employers To Be Proactive 6-20-17

Bruce’s Summary: When articles like this are written, is this supposed to conger up fear and panic? Of course not. As Business Professionals part of our role is to ensure that our plans such as our Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is up to date and our employees are aware of what to do and how to react. With the recent wave of violence in the news again and again, a review may be in order and if you don’t have a plan, it’s really time to seriously consider such a program. It’s one of those programs you hope you never need, but if needed, you’re grateful you had one. The authors present a good overview of the steps to take in preparing a plan, and suggest, as part of the training, reviewing with employees a copy of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) latest brochure. As I’ve said before, it’s sad that we are at a point where fighting for your life and training how to do that must now be a major focus in protecting our employees as well as our citizens. Please share! Great overview. “None of the information contained herein should be construed as legal advice, nor are Calvin Associates consultants engaged to offer legal advice. If there is a need for legal advice, please contact and seek the advice of independent legal counsel.”

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