Where’s Your Harvey? How To Keep Your Company Out of the Headlines 12-6-17


Bruce’s Summary: Well, timing couldn’t be better to address and recognize the dirty little secret that everyone has known about, however for some crazy reason continues to consciously ignore for various reasons until possibly now. If I learned nothing else over the last 30+ years in industry, there are not secrets.

You know that’s just Harvey, you know how he is. As a reality test for yourself, who is your Harvey and what should be done about him/her? I do know the earlier the inappropriate behavior(s) is recognized and confronted for what it is, the less dramatic the issue(s) are for all concerned. Simply, do you expose, address and nip it internally or allow it to continue and just wait until someone (probability scale is going up) internally addresses it in a public forum for you.

Is it worth damaging your brand, your public image and more than likely once exposed tons of expenses under the guise of damage control? In addition, no one goes un-scathed, besides the perpetrator, a few others may also pay the ultimate price of termination possibly for having known of the inappropriate and unprofessional behavior and not stepping forward. For those terminated, when interviewing for their next job ultimately the question about their departure from their old company will come up. It doesn’t go away.

The author does a good job of going a little deeper into the problem and provides some thoughtful solutions for the reader.

Very Good article.  

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