HR West Annual Conference

On March 5 – 7, 2018, HR West held its annual conference in Oakland, Ca. at the Oakland Convention Center. This conference annually draws over 1,000 HR Professionals and offers over 80 concurrent sessions during the three-day conference.

I had the honor of presenting to a large group of HR Professionals on the subject of “HR’s Partnership Challenge: Not Being Everything to Everyone”. As with all my sessions, an interactive and participative learning environment was provided allowing real time participant involvement and dialogue. A number of current real-world topics were explored including, “What is HR?”, “Who has Real Responsibility and Ownership for HR Functions”, “Sphere of Influence”, “HR’s Role in Being the Driver of Change” and more.

My session was focused on helping HR Professionals unlock their sphere of influence, through mutual respect, trust and inclusion. We reviewed avenues for enhancing each individual’s professional development in establishing and managing partnerships with peers, counterparts and executives along with effectively influencing and driving organizational change. Lastly understanding how these key roles are interwoven into both day to day activates in forming and maintaining strategic alliances and partnerships.

The presentation was a small sampling of my current book, “H.R.’s Partnership Challenge: Mastering the Art of Not Being Everything to Everyone.”

As with the presentation, the book’s main focus is on helping HR Professionals enhance their career and shares numerous avenues to explore for building better internal and external partnerships.In addition, I am extremely proud to have received a personal indorsement from Dave Ulrich, adding value to the book’s core principal theme. He has written numerous (20) books covering topics in human resources and leadership.

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