"Bruce partnered with me in a very challenging situation recently. His guidance, counsel, and interactions were invaluable in coming to positive outcomes. He brings such broad experience and blends that with a common sense legal mind."
Deb McClanahan, Principal, BroadBand HR Consulting
"We have worked with Bruce Calvin of Calvin Associates to assist us in various HR related issues and found him to be thorough, professional and competent in even the most challenging tasks. I have no hesitation in suggesting that should you need the services of an experienced professional in HR matters, Bruce Calvin is an excellent choice. He has worked with us in the USA and Canada, travelling to our offices as required and allowing us to benefit from his insights and capabilities."
Martin Mallinson, VP ESS Technology, Kelowna, BC.
"As part of my core team, Bruce helped ensure all human capital issues from the initial talks to the day of closure and beginning of our new organization were on track and timely executed. His professionalism, realistic approach and breadth of knowledge were indispensable. Bruce provides an exceptional level of commitment, engagement and quality of work to the teams he partners with. He has shown exemplary work, business ethic and can be always counted upon to deliver. I have rarely encountered this level of professionalism. While being very competent his engagement style is non-threatening and very engaging. I learned a lot from him. He consistently was able to get productivity out of the teams he worked with as well as his own team which worked coherently across the organization with all of us with a consistent theme. It was a pleasure working with Bruce. I would highly recommend him; he is a true asset to any team he joins."
Max Safai, VP Global Engineering
"Bruce supported my organization and was an asset in making HR support more of a partnership in getting issues resolved and strategies implemented. With his legal education and broad based HR global background, he brought a broader vision and realism in addressing human capital opportunities and challenges."
A. Hadi Ibrahim, Senior Operations Executive, International Business Development, China, Southeast Asia, Middle East
"Bruce’s HR group supported my APAC engineering teams in four countries and ensured that our human capital needs were met in a proactive and effective manner. As my APAC engineering team grew and the business demands with it, under Bruce’s global Human Capital leadership his team continuously delivered excellent human capital services and continually allowed my teams to meet our business objectives. Our groups grew into more of a partnership in meeting our organizations strategic objectives"
Andy Ho, Director of Product Development, Asia
"During the time that I was responsible for the HR APAC region (China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea) for Bruce, he provided me with the leadership, insight and vision to grow my team into an effective partner in support of our internal and external customers. He brought solid hands-on global experience, great follow through and a strong desire that for us to be successful, our customers first must be successful. Although Bruce was located in the US he never failed to respond to requests for support or in addressing our human capital issues in a timely and efficient manner."
Selina Fung, Service Consultant, Hong Kong
"For seven years Bruce supported me as the head of HR, plus he was the Compliance Officer for our board of directors. During this time he helped our organization build for our global growth and expansion in Asia and Canada. Part of his success was the high quality support team he built and managed in Asia. Additionally he handled the rapid growth of our expansions in Texas and Southern California and acted as a liaison to our new subsidiaries. I expanded Bruce’s role to provide support to our board which he handled in a very professional and effective manner. Bruce has excellent communication skills and was able to effectively and successfully work within a multitude of cultures."
Bob Blair, CEO/President
"Bruce performed an investigation, which was highly charged and very disruptive to the organization. Through his professional demeanor, thoroughness and attention to detail, he quickly grasped the situation and was able to resolve the complaint thoroughly with the claimant and their attorney and protect the organization from further liability. In addition, Bruce provided the necessary executive guidance to resolve all outstanding issues and guide the executive team to improve organizational morale and productivity."
Peter Benoit
"I had the pleasure of working with Bruce on a tricky wage & hour class action matter, where I was the outside counsel, and Bruce was the Senior Vice President, Corporate Services, of the company I was representing. To put it simply, Bruce was an invaluable resource throughout the representation. He was a double threat — his law degree gave him an appreciation of where we, as outside counsel, were coming from, and he excelled at liaising with company representatives for us so that we could do our work. Sometimes, it is difficult to bridge the divide between counsel and the rank and file employees, but Bruce did just that. He is just as effective at conversing with them as he is with high-level executives. He also possesses an uncommon emotional intelligence and savvy that I believe allows him to cut right to the heart of any internal company matter presented to him to help solve whatever personnel problem a company might have. Any company consulting with Bruce is very fortunate to do so."
Matthew Ball, Esq. Litigation Partner at K&L Gates
"Bruce is an extraordinary human resources professional with deep knowledge in regulatory compliance, facilities management, and purchasing, among just a few examples of his experience. He has worked with many different industries in many parts of the country developing an expertise that is unsurpassed. I have worked with Bruce for 15 years on complex and significant internal matters, litigation (including class action), and regulatory compliance issues. He is an expert strategist with uncanny judgment and ability to execute while maintaining his professionalism at all times. He delegates and manages effectively while understanding how to inspire others to achieve the company’s goals. In sum, Bruce facilitates business effectively and efficiently."
Linda Usoz, Partner at Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP