Bruce L. Calvin, J.D., President of CALVIN-ASSOCIATES, INC. (CAI) a global management consulting and corporate advisory firm specializing in private sector sensitive employment related investigations, corporate conflict management, senior management coaching, regulatory training and other neutral work.

The #METOO instant social media era has redefined the employment landscape and HR in general. Secrets, once exposed, bring instant political exposure and allow little time for an organization to respond to allegations. An employer must conduct an investigation as soon as possible whether internally or through a neutral outside party.

Calvin-Associates, Inc. (CAI) specializes in conducting private sector internal investigations involving complaints and allegations made by an employee, contractor, or other outside party working for and/or providing services for an employer. CAI offers neutral, third party Workplace Investigative Services that provide a confidential, prompt, impartial and thorough investigation based on employment law.

Mr. Calvin brings over thirty-five years of internal HR corporate and external consulting expertise across a wide range of industry segments including both established and start-ups in the semiconductor, healthcare, financial, aerospace, nonprofit, service, chemical and transportation industries.

Based on Mr. Calvin’s extensive corporate experience, he has a clear understanding of how HR legal issues, if not appropriately investigated, can affect an organization’s bottom line and the importance of resolving issues quickly with as little as possible disruption to the organization.

Mr. Calvin has a BS from Troy University, a JD from John F Kennedy University, and is licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (PI #21406).