Avoiding Office Holiday Party Headaches 12-3-2018

“Avoiding Office Party Headaches”
Bruce’s Summary: Well, it’s that time of the year again for the annual “Holiday Party.” Some of you may have even stepped out on the edge and had a “Halloween Party.” Congratulations if you made it through unscathed without incident this year. But wait, what’s next, the “Big Kahuna”, the “Grand Finale”? – No, the “Holiday Party” with all the usual suspects.
As has been said before, people are more sensitive today to inappropriate behavior and feel more empowered to respond to such inappropriate or perceived inappropriate behavior. It appears the days of ignoring it and hoping it will go away are fading into the distance.
For HR Professionals, it’s that time of the season to double check all the “what ifs” and help everyone understand what the “Holiday Party” is and what it is not especially “you know who”. (Small note to file, get signature pages from those who haven’t signed for the Employee Handbook when last distributed. You may need it next year.)
The author gives some good ideas to consider this year before the party.
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