“EEOC Sees Sexual Harassment Statistics Explode In Past Year” 10-5-18


Bruce’s Summary: The EEOC’s preliminary findings are out with expected evidence that the #MeToo movement is not just a passing fad, as some may have thought. It is real, and it is here to stay. The author presents statistics provided by the EEOC for 2017 which should be a clear picture to those HR Professionals that “things have changed” and the old status quo Sexual Harassment, Retaliation and Discrimination Training needs to be revamped. The author provides a sample “5-Step Plan”.
In addition, the methods and means of performing investigations has reached a new level. Investigations “done right the first time” is the new mantra for organizations. In this new era, ensuring investigations are preformed by a neutral party is paramount to an organization’s defense regardless of the investigator’s conclusion. Outside investigators present the best insurance of neutrality for small and mid-size organizations that don’t have separate neutral departments wholly dedicated to performing such investigations.
For those HR Professionals who may be facing an uphill battle in getting their senior management to recognize the serious commitment required by the organization, utilization of the new statistical data from the EEOC is a good first step. The statistics clearly show that potential liability costs for failure to address or inadequately address matters affecting sexual harassment, retaliation and/or discrimination have increased. Unfortunately, what usually causes a shift in the paradigm, regardless of what it is, is the cost to the bottom line and/or the potential of a public relations nightmare. “None of the information contained herein should be construed as legal advice, nor are Calvin Associates consultants engaged to offer legal advice. If there is a need for legal advice, please contact and seek the advice of independent legal counsel.” www.calvin-associates.com

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