Internal Corporate Investigations

Calvin-Associates, Inc. (CAI) specializes in conducting private sector internal investigations involving complaints and allegations made by an employee, contractor, or other outside party working for and/or providing services for an employer. CAI offers neutral, third party Workplace Investigative Services that provide a confidential, prompt, impartial and thorough investigation.

Calvin-Associates, Inc., a professionally trained and experienced outside source conducts investigations that allow an organization to uniformly address allegations in a neutral manner and address the allegations accordingly and proactively. If no evidence of wrong doing is found, an equitable defense to allegations of wrongdoing is established therefore reducing potential future exposure.

Calvin-Associates, Inc. specializes in conducting internal investigations and providing objective support.

The following are best practices steps we use to carry out a complete and thorough investigation:

  • Decision made to conduct investigation
  • Choice of Investigator, determine investigation plan, scope and timeline
  • Manage thorough, impartial and prompt investigation
  • Maintain confidentiality and privacy of investigation
  • Evidence gathering and retention of evidence
  • Complete thorough interviews and assess credibility
  • Properly document investigation and reach conclusion(s)
  • Provide comprehensive final report