HR-Regulatory Focused Training

The landscape of EEOC, DFEH and other labor code regulatory state and federal compliance requirements are changing rapidly. CAI offers focused training on current employment regulatory compliance requirements and works closely with senior management to build proactive well-trained management teams confident in handling human capital issues at its basic core. This allows the organization to enhance its in-house expertise.

A well-trained management team must drive human capital initiatives and increase the bottom line in an effort to not violate employment laws. Management teams that are not well trained in understanding how to work within our litigious work environment can force an organization to spend time defending allegations of wrong doing, misconduct and/or allegations of regulatory employment violations.

CAI provides in-house regulatory training covering a variety of subjects such as EEOC and Anti-Harassment training, Conflict Resolution training, Behavior-Focused training, Communication and Cultural Diversity training, How to Perform Internal Investigations in the Private Sector training along with General Management training specifically tailored to an organization’s culture and values.