Conflict Resolution

Conflict in the workplace can occur in many ways: when individual personalities clash, when internal team members perceive interference/resistance from one another, when team leaders differ on a political, personal, or power basis due to one or the other’s actions. An organization’s ability to effectively function slows down or comes to a halt. Instead of intervening early in the process many times management doesn’t intervene and just expects the issue to be worked out between the parties. Unfortunately, this allows the situation to simmer then boil over and both communication and individual or team progress completely shuts down. Senior management is forced to ask the question, “How did this get so out of control?”

Calvin-Associates, Inc. (CAI) can help the parties affected by implementing a conflict resolution process that focuses on the real issues affecting the individuals and/or teams communication breakdown. As a neutral party, CAI can objectively read the situation and work on solutions with the affected parties by offering objective and discreet avenues for the parties to open communication lines, hear what the other party is saying and allow a safe zone for open dialogue. The parties are allowed to work toward a joint solution that ensures both parties share ownership in defining the solution and the results.