Behavior-Focused Coaching

In today’s litigious work environment anyone found to be behaving badly, especially in a position of power or high revenue earning for the organization, can trigger a fire storm of bad publicity and ridicule from both clients and the public. Unfortunately, at times the individual who is accused of behaving badly is not a total surprise to management, their reputation does proceed them. Having management trained on being able to recognize and address such bad behavioral issues early provides a means to address such issues before they get out of control.

Today, such behavior can no longer be tolerated and the best defense on an employer’s part is a good offense in addressing, proactively correcting, and resolving the matter. By addressing the behavioral issue head on and evaluating the seriousness of the matter, management can evaluate whether an investigation is warranted or behavioral-focused coaching is a viable option. If the behavior has not reached the point of appearing to have violated EEOC, FEHA or other local, state or federal regulatory statutes then behavioral-focused coaching may be used as an early intervention. Behavior-focused coaching is a means to address behavior issues before they escalate to level of forcing more serious measures. Either method should be performed by a neutral third party.

CAI provides both in-house Behavior-Focused Coaching for individuals who need to refocus their behavior in a more positive and pro-active direction. In addition, CAI performs outside third party investigations.