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post »Un-Enforceable Promises 10-7-16

October 13 2016, 2:52 am

Bruce’s Summary: Good article with the author starting off by saying, “don’t make promises to your employees that you can’t or won’t keep.” The author provides several examples of how letting the process fall into a routine and failing to pay attention to the details can have uncertain and sometimes negative consequences for employers. With the theme today of everything being in writing, sometimes the rush to get something reference to a policy, procedure or employment contract out and/or signed can come back to haunt an employer if the process is not handled correctly.

The author also covered obligations of employees, related organizations, vendors and obligations created by government contracts and the importance of keeping track of what was promised by the employer.

One side note, HR Professionals should incorporate into their training for all supervisors, managers and support personnel a section on how to maintain and grow one’s credibility and maintain one’s reputation. The session should cover the negatives produced when things such as promotions, transfers, pay increases, time off, and leave of absences not be promised to employees unless the person doing the promising has complete authority to approve the item. Over and over again, a large number of management and other lead personnel have lost credibility and had their reputations tarnished in promising things that they never had the authority to approve. Usually, these things don’t seem like a big deal but can turn into on very quickly. Rarely does anything good come out of this.

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