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post »The Keys to Harassment Prevention: An Interview With EEOC Commissioner Chai Feldblum 8-17-16

August 25 2016, 9:27 pm

Bruce’s Summary: The Commissioner of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) co-chaired the EEOC Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace which produced a report of its findings in June 2016.

What I feel is unique about this report, is that it actually addresses a number of underlying issues that have plagued HR Professionals ability, at times, in addressing harassment in the workplace. As we all know in the profession, there are no secrets, people making the revenue and/or who are in power do get passes, despite the probability of the potential economic costs to the organization. It does start at the top, and always has whether it’s a profit/non-profit organization, family owned business, college or major news media organization.

The EEOC report should be used as a draft outline for HR Professionals who are either revamping and/or developing new harassment type programs.

A culture can change, but it doesn’t overnight, HR Professionals have to stay focused making one step at a time in this type of paradigm shift and it can begin in one department and spread to others. This requires partnering with the right department manager/director and cultivating and growing the partnership by focusing on both positive behavior and civility expectations of team members which in turn improve morale and reduce bad behavior. Remember, everyone wants to be on a winning team and those that are successful are seen as such.   “None of the information contained herein should be construed as legal advice, nor are Calvin Associates consultants engaged to offer legal advice. If there is a need for legal advice, please contact and seek the advice of independent legal counsel.”