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post »“Pay Stubs Rules: A trap for the Unwary in California” By Hopkins & Carley 8/14/15

August 18 2015, 10:21 pm

Bruce’s Summary: The California Labor code requires employers to provide a very specific, itemized list of information to employees along with their paychecks. Even if you have an outside third party process your paychecks you as the employer are libel if complete info is not provided. Good overview of process to follow and penalties if you don’t. DISCLAIMER: This site and the information presented is for informational purposes only and does not constitute, and is not a substitute for, legal advice. There are no express or implied warranties of any kind with respect to any information contained on or linked to this site, and no such warranties are intended whatsoever. Any reliance on any information contained on or linked to this site is solely at your own risk.  You should seek the assistance of qualified, licensed attorneys for assistance with any matters that may have legal implications of any kind.