Bruce L. Calvin, J.D. brings over thirty-five years of HR expertise across a wide range of industries including semiconductor, healthcare, financial, aerospace, nonprofit, chemical and transportation. He has worked at both senior management levels and as a consultant supporting various sized companies from Fortune 500 elite to small businesses. He has a clear understanding of how HR issues can affect a company’s bottom line and the importance of resolving issues quickly with little disruption to business.

Mr. Calvin’s experience and education support his specialization in communication and conflict resolution, as well as ensuring that regulatory compliance is met. He works confidentially with individuals at every level of an organization when sensitive issues require a quick and thorough workplace investigation, conflict resolution, senior management mentoring, or other neutral work.

Mr. Calvin has a BS from Troy University, a J. D. from John F Kennedy University, and is licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (PI #21406).