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post »Check the Drama at the Door, Part I: A 10-Point Checklist for Avoiding and Resolving Workplace Conflict 1-20-17

January 24 2017, 7:28 pm

Bruce’s Summary: What is Conflict, well it’s something that happens in varying degrees between human beings everyday either at home or in the workplace. This summary will address the workplace, it’s safer. The author states that according to a 2014 survey, office workers (the bet is probably all workers, office workers aren’t alone in this but this is a survey) spend an average of 2.5 hours per week trying to resolve conflict – with an estimated cost of $359 billion in lost revenue in the United States alone. This also may not bring into account how much time a manager spends trying to dissolve a conflict between the parties. I do believe a rule that managers spend “80% of their time with 20% of their employee on issues” hasn’t changed. I really have enjoyed over the years talking to all levels of management who strongly believed that they don’t have conflict in their group, team, department or division. The author spends some quality time talking about these type folks as well in this article (See if you can find the section where they are identified, no names please).    

The author gives a very good overview of what can happen when good communication lines and flow are not working and goes so far as to show triggers that may cause such conflict and practices to consider in addressing each point he has identified. The title is a little confusing, we’re only seeing the first 5 points and will receive the second 5 points in Part II. So stay tuned. “None of the information contained herein should be construed as legal advice, nor are Calvin Associates consultants engaged to offer legal advice. If there is a need for legal advice, please contact and seek the advice of independent legal counsel.”