Internal Corporate Investigations

Today’s litigious workplace environment dictates that when an employee alleges their employer of wrongdoing the allegation must be investigated quickly, thoroughly, and in accordance with EEOC and Department of Labor standards. A rushed, incomplete, inaccurate or biased internal investigation can harm an employer’s position and increase its liability in the outcome of the investigation – no matter how it turns out. It is important that the employer knows how to conduct a proper internal investigation, or hires a neutral, outside 3rd party to do so.

Calvin Associates specializes in conducting internal investigations and providing objective support.

The following are best practices steps we use to carry out a complete and thorough investigation:

  • Conduct neutral, objective review of alleged issues by Licensed Investigator
  • Organize investigation plan and timeline (to disrupt business as little as possible) if determined that an investigation is necessary
  • Manage responsive, timely and thorough investigation
  • Complete thorough interviews / asses credibility
  • Properly document / reach conclusions
  • Provide comprehensive final report