HR-Focused Training/ Compliance Assessments

The landscape of EEOC, DFEH and other labor code regulatory compliance requirements are changing rapidly. A well-trained management team must drive human capital initiatives and increase the bottom line without violating employment laws. Management teams that are not well trained in understanding how to work within our litigious work environment can force an organization to spend time defending allegations of wrong doing, misconduct and/or allegations of employment violations.

CAI offers focused training seminars to communicate current regulatory compliance such as the new AB 2015 enactment that requires that all AB 1825 training now include “specific training and education on how to prevent abusive conduct.” Other standard compliance training under AB 1825 such as EEOC, Sexual Harassment, Hostile Work Environment, etc. is included. We offer training for groups or one-on-one. CAI also offers training in conflict resolution.

CAI can also conduct a thorough assessment of your company’s current HR processes, policies and procedures and recommend updates to ensure that your company’s HR is aligned with current regulatory compliance requirements. We can also help you structure your HR to align with your company goals. CAI also offers policy and procedural development review and deployment.