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Workplace Violence Occurring At Alarming Rate: Time For Employers To Be Proactive 6-20-17

June 22 2017, 4:55 pm Bruce’s Summary: When articles like this are written, is this supposed to conger up fear and panic? Of course not. As Business Professionals part of our role is to ensure that our plans such as our Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is up to date and our employees are aware of what to do and […]

EEOC Releases Enforcement and Litigation Data for Fiscal Year 1-23-17

June 08 2017, 4:33 pm Bruce’s Summary: In reference to the EEOC Commission Report for Fiscal Year 2016, the authors do a good job of presenting the key highlights outlined in the report. One key element discussed by the authors is the overall numbers for total “number of charges” being only slightly higher than the numbers in 2015 and […]