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Beware What You Share – Disclosure of Medical Information Results in Retaliation and Interference Claims

February 28 2017, 7:46 pm Bruce’s Summary: Although this United States District Court decision comes from Florida, these type decisions all have a way of ending up on our doorstep. The plaintiff applies for and gets FMLA coverage and leave from work. So, what’s the big deal? Well, apparently at a staff meeting a manager disclosed the individual’s medical […]

You May Have a Failure to Communicate — State Notice Requirements Are Plentiful 2-2-17

February 22 2017, 6:47 pm Bruce’s Summary: We live in a great country, however having 50 separate states presents a guessing game as to individual state laws and the requirements placed on employers to follow in protecting employee rights and protecting employer rights as well. Now California, is unique in itself, I believe the old saying, “if you can […]