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Antitrust Violations in the Employment Arena May Subject Employers and their HR Personnel to Criminal Prosecution 11-14-16

November 30 2016, 6:50 pm Bruce’s Summary: In several of my overviews I have indicated that the HR landscape continues to shift both in accountability and liability. Well, it can’t get any clearer than the above title suggests, HR Professionals are now on the firing line with newly revised DOJ and FTC policy shifts in enforcement priorities. Although, according […]

The Resignation Trap: Avoiding Unwanted Consequences When an Employee Resigns 11-2-16

November 07 2016, 7:18 pm Bruce’s Summary: Assumptions are amazing, we all have them and usually, more times than not, they may not be correct because enough information may not have been collected prior to a person’s termination. The author uses a very interesting term for HR Professions to add to their check list, “snapping up” resignations. We’ve all […]

Anti-Trust Laws Can Impact HR Departments 10-26-16

November 01 2016, 9:27 pm Bruce’s Summary: Although this article is short, it brings home the fact the HR Professionals are once again being drawn to the forefront in facing legal risks of not only civil but criminal prosecution for sharing certain information or agreeing to certain conditions, as outlined in this article that may be construed as a […]