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Wave of Shootings Puts Workplace Violence Back in the Spotlight 7-18-16

July 27 2016, 7:10 pm Bruce’s Summary: With the recent wave of violence in the news again and again, a review of your “Workplace Violence Prevention Program” is in order and if you don’t have a program, it’s really time to seriously consider getting one. It’s one of those programs you hope you never need, but you’re grateful later […]

Sex harassment myth: “He said/she said” is no big deal. 7-8-16

July 13 2016, 4:23 pm  Bruce’s Summary: Good overview of “he said/she said” type sexual harassment cases and how courts look at the “genuine issue of material facts” along with adding a little spice by throwing in a scenario. So, who is more believable, he or she or them? The author bats back and forth how a scenario case […]