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“SCOTUS to Decide Filing Period for Constructive Discharge Claims” 10-23-15

October 29 2015, 4:26 pm The Supreme Court will hear arguments in November to settle a circuit split as to when the clock starts running to pursue a Constructive Discharge claim. Constructive Discharge occurs when an employer unlawfully creates working conditions so intolerable that a reasonable person in the employee’s position feels forced to resign. Both public and private […]

When Parent Has Been Unlawfully Fired, Can Kids Sue Employer? Court Overrules Precedent 10/14/15

October 20 2015, 2:56 pm The Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that Connecticut children have the right to sue for loss of consortium in personal injury cases that involve the parent. In this ruling the court also overturned a decision made twenty years ago that found the children of a plaintiff were not entitled to compensation when a wrongful […]

A Friendly Reminder from the EEOC—Don’t Toss Your Unselected Candidates’ Applications Just Yet 10-9-15

October 15 2015, 4:40 pm Large companies must keep all job applications on file for at least a year, sometimes two according to the Civil Rights Act Title VII. If you don’t have complete records how do you explain why you went with one candidate and not another? These laws have been on the books for a long time and should […]