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“DOJ’s New White-Collar Policy Directs Prosecutors to Focus on Individual Accountability” 9-21-15

September 24 2015, 4:58 pm Bruce’s Summary: On September 9th, The DOJ introduced a new policy aimed at aggressively prosecuting individuals for white collar crimes.  In the past corporations could disclose improper practices to obtain credit from the government without disclosing the individuals involved. Now white collar criminals are no longer automatically protected if their companies cooperate with the […]

“5 Bad Hiring & Firing Ideas Every Startup Entrepreneur Should Avoid” 9-15-15

September 23 2015, 5:55 pm Bruce’s Summary: Don’t overlook federal, state and local employment laws when trying to get your start-up launched. Take your time to ensure that all code is adhered to or it could cost your new company hundreds of thousands of dollars in back pay and fines. Make sure items including independent contractor vs. employee requirements, exempt […]

When Terminating An Employee – Is A Clean Break Better Than A Long Limbo? 9-11-15

September 17 2015, 9:49 pm Bruce’s Summary: This article gives good examples of why managers avoid terminating employees, the havoc keeping a bad-performing employee can cause, and what you could do if you believe the employee might actually thrive in a different job within the company. It also provides good material to use when approaching an employee for the […]

“OSHA Implications Under the NLRB’s New Expansion Definition of Joint Employer” 9-1-15

September 10 2015, 3:53 pm Bruce’s Summary: Based on the NLRB’s recent redefinition of a “joint employer,” OSHA is going after franchisors when their franchisees have violated safety regulations. The author recommends that any employer utilizing “franchise agreements” should review those agreements now, not when OSHA comes knocking. As we all know, then it’s too late. “None of the […]

“NLRB Starts Down the Slippery Slope With Controversial New Joint Employer Ruling”

September 08 2015, 10:04 pm Bruce’s Summary: According to a new decision by the NLRB, if an employer retains any contractual control rights over a temp worker – whether they exercise that right or not – that employer can be deemed a “joint employer” in terms of collective bargaining and can be liable for unfair labor practices. Now is […]